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  About us - HarzOptics GmbH  
  HarzOptics - Optics-Research in the Harz

HarzOptics, the young and dynamic optics research team located in the majestic Harz Mountains. We specialize on optical measurement technology, research and development of optical components and effective photonics education programmes. We are also the exclusive producer and distributor of the OPTOTEACH POF-WDM lab system - the only POF-WDM lab system worldwide.

As a research institute, HarzOptics is directly affiliated with Harz University and is currently involved in several mutual research projects. The Harz University for Applied Studies and Research was founded in 1991, shortly after the German reunification. Since then, the university has grown tremendously – from less than 100 students in 1991 to more than 3.300 students in 2006. During the last decade, Harz University has become an internationally renowned education centre with connections to other academic institutions worldwide. With small classroom groups and a high emphasis on soft skills and practical education, Harz University provides students a chance to enhance their professional education in the romantic setting of the German Harz Mountains.

More information about HarzOptics: http://www.harzoptics.de
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